Back on the road again

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I used to have a blog in a far-off time long ago.  It was vaguely interesting but Facebook more or less supplanted it.  The ability to write a few paragraphs, keep someone vaguely awake and then raise something relevant (or irrelevant) was something I could manage in a Blog post but FB was simply a better medium for That Sort of Thing. I have never settled down to Twitter, Insta, Tiktok or Snapchat, because they seem less capable of putting an argument and having discussion.

So now I’m back and cluttering up the office and the website, I plan on indulging myself a little here – sometimes it might be about tax, money and accounts and sometimes it won’t be.  And it’s strictly hobby writing for fun – I can just sail under the delusion that what I’m writing will get read although I might get round that by putting the same stuff on Facebook.

There’s a hidden bonus for EMTACS too.  We recently lost control of the website and one of the reasons that the site was able to be poisoned was that we didn’t update it often enough.